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  ADSO J-Hills Members
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Department Name of the Consultant (J-Hills)
Anaesthesia J.M. Reddy
Sanath Reddy
U. Srinivas
Gurrala Shekhar Reddy
T. Rajmohan Rao
J.S. Nandagopal
Cardiology P.S. Rao
P.C. Rath
Sudhir Naik
IPICU Gopal Palepu
CICU Sreedhar Peddy
Vascular Surgery B.Sitaram Reddy
C.Chandra sekhar
Dental Venkatesh
Dermat I.S. Reddy
Radha Shah
EMD Mahesh Joshi
Endocrinology Rabinder Nath Mehrotra
ENT E.C. Vinay Kumar
Ram Babu
S. Chowdhary
Jaswinder Singh Saluja
Gen. Surg. & Surgical GE Raghupathi Rao
Rajnesh C. Reddy
Mahidhar Valeti
Sainadh B.S.S
Rajashekhar Reddy
Infectious Diseases Lavanya Nutanakalva
Suneetha Narreddy
Int. Medicine V.K. Bhargava
Indira Reddy
Pramati Reddy
J. Sreekanth
Prabhakar Shastry
Y. Ganesh
Ananth Kumar
Abbineni Venkata Rao
Lakshmi G
Molecular Medicine Iravathy Goud
Haemat Vanajakshi
Histopath Amina shaikh
Med. GE Ramakrishna K A
M.Asha Subbalakshmi
Nephrology Somashekhar M
Sanjay Maitra
Ravi Andrews
Neurology Subhashini Prabhakar
Sudhir Kumar
Chenna Rajesh Reddy
Neuro Surgery Alok Ranjan
Rahul Lath
Amitav Ray
D.Raja Reddy
S.S.R. Murthy
OBG Lakshmi Reddy
Priyamvada Reddy
Anuradha Panda
Rooma sinha
Prameela Sekhar
Shanti Reddy
Ophthal Mallika Goyall
Indumathy Ramchandran
Sreekumar Reddy
Ortho Jayaramchander Pingle
Somashekhar Reddy .N
S. Krishna Reddy
Balvardhan Reddy
Raghava Dutt
Sharat Kumar Paripati
Karthik Pingle
Somashekhara Reddy P
Paed. Card. Surgery Girish Warrier
Paed. Card. Anil S R
Paed. Card. Anaesthesia Meena Trehan
Paed. Neph Mehul Shah
Paediatrics Neurology Pranathi Gutta
Paediatrics Koteshwar Rao
P.M. Manmohan Reddy
K.K.Durga Prasad
  kaza Sharmila
Plastic Sudhakar Prasad
Pulmonology Pradyut Waghray
Qamar Husain Ansari
Rad. Oncology P. Vijay Anand Reddy
Kausik Bhattacharya
R.V. Raghunandhan
P Vinitha Reddy
Sajal Kakkar
Surg. Onco T PS Bhandari
Srinivas Juluri
Srinivas Chakravarthy
H&N Onco Umanath Nayak
Med. Onco. S.V.S.S. Prasad
Srinivas Chakravarthy
Suresh Attili
Meher Lakshmi
Radiology Jitender Reddy
Sreekanth P. Dakaraju
Rheumatology Manish Dugar
Urology Rajagopal
DVSLN Sharma
  Best Wishes From ADSO  

Dr.P.Lakshmi Reddy
28th June
  ADSO News & Events  
Daggubati Purandeswari inaugurates CANCER CI - 2013 organised by Apollo Cancer Hospital & CURE Foundation
Hyderabad, February 9th, 2013: Hon'ble Minister of State for Human Resource Development (Higher Education) Smt. Daggubati Purandeswari formally inaugurated the 5th Biennial Conference CANCER CI - 2013, in the presence of Dr Prathap C. Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group on Friday at Taj Krishna. Dr. P. Vijay Anand Reddy, Director, Apollo Cancer Hospital & Chairman, Scientific Committee, Cancer CI and Dr. Prabhakar Tripuraneni, La Jolla, CA, USA & Former President of American Association of Radiation Oncologists, were also present on the occasion.
Apollo Cancer Hospital & CURE Foundation to host the three day CANCER CI - 2013 from February 8
Hyderabad, February 7th, 2013: Apollo Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad and CURE Foundation are hosting the 5th Biennial Conference CANCER CI - 2013 at Hotel Taj Krishna, Hyderabad from February 8th to 10th, 2013. The three day conference will be inaugurated by the Hon'ble Minister of State for Human Resource Development (Higher Education) Smt. Daggubati Purandeswari on February 8th, 2013, Dr Prathap C. Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group will preside over the function.
Dear Cancer Crusader !
A child is destined to grow with absolute freedom, to dance, play and laugh, without a care in the world. The increasing incidence of cancer in children threatens this basic right. Yet many of them show remarkable courage in the fight against cancer to arrive victorious and free as any other.'Dance like a child'
Fashion students stretch all barriers of imagination to depict Cancer prevention themes at the ‘ Apollo Cancer Hospitals Fashion Show on Cancer Prevention
The show was adjudged by an eminent panel of Ms. Shriya Saran ‚ Ms. Shilpa Reddy ‚ Ms. Asmita Marwah & Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy. Hyderabad, February 4th ‚ 2013: APOLLO CANCER HOSPITALS hosted ‘ Apollo Cancer Hospitals Fashion Show on Cancer Prevention ’ – an unique fashion show on the occasion of World Cancer day on Monday at Apollo Hospitals ‚ Hyderabad. This fashion show for a cause was hosted to send a strong message to the youth on lifestyle modifications necessary to prevent Cancer. NIFT was declared the winner and Raffles Millennium International.”

Apollo Hospitals Performs Revolutionary Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement (Resurfacement) Surgery!
Hyderabad ‚ 23rd January ‚ 2013: Apollo Health City today announced the performing of a revolutionary Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement (Resurface) Surgery (MIKRS) using OrthoGlide Medial Knee system. This surgery was successfully performed for the first time in Andhra Pradesh by a team of orthopaedic surgeons led by Dr. Prabhat Lakkireddi ‚ a keyhole and minimally invasive Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. The team performed a bilateral (on both the knees) OrthoGlide knee surgery for the first in India.

"Robotic Workshop"
is being conducted at Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Colorectal surgeries
Colorectal surgeries will be performed on 3rd- 4th February 2013 while Head and Neck surgeries on 7th - 8th February 2013

Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad completes 600 Cochlear Implant surgeries
Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad is pleased to announce the successful completion of the 600th cochlear implant surgery on 16th July, 2012 by the ENT & Cochlear implant team headed by Dr.E.C.Vinaya Kumar, which is one of the highest in the country & Continent for any single clinic.

Write up for ADSo event on 25th March 2012
In 1999 a survey of USA physician leaders identified three sets of practical skills with the highest importance for emerging medical leaders: they were time management, communicating effectively, and managing meetings. Well it seemed that all of these required practical skills were an integral part of the participating doctors and their families in a recently held ‘get together’ of the Apollo Doctors Society ADSo. In the serenity of Novotel Hyderabad, the atmosphere got charged with ‘quick fire’ games after the introductory speeches of Dr.JC Pingle,Dr.Rajnesh Reddy and Mrs.Sangita Reddy. The ice breaking for the new consultants happened with all the fresh faces to Apollo introducing themselves. There was also a surprise lucky draw contest and to everyone’s delight, the winners were offered to own the luxury super brand car Audi for a week.

Time flew by and hours disappeared in seconds. More than 250 people enjoyed the occasion amidst the backdrop of thousands of flying lighted lanterns decorating the night sky. The get together came to a pleasant end with promises of many such events in the near future.

ADSO (Cards for Doctors)
We are issuing ADSO Cards for Doctors and details regarding Date and Time of receiving ADSO cards will be notified later.
IPL-5 is starting from April - 4
The IPL-5 is starting from April - 4 and you will be happy to know that we have 4 Matches at Hyderabad.

We would like to offer a Goodies Bag (Deccan Chargers Membership & discount card, 1 Year supply of DC news paper at your doorstep, T shirts, cap etc worth 1329.00), all the above @ a special price Rs.650/- only per person.

Apart from this we are happy to offer a few free tickets of various denominations to the IPL matches to be held at Hyderabad. These can be used as per your discretion.

Kindly provide this first hand Cricket fever opportunity to all your Doctors, Staff and Clients. This offer can be availed across AP.

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